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Live Naked

At Naked we believe in doing things differently. We live naked and we're not tied to conventional whisky rules. Our whisky is made for celebrating that liberating moment when you can get back to the real you, the Naked you…

Simple photograph of the Naked Grouse bottle, full and unopen, shot from the front, at an eye-level view, on a white background

ABV : 43% | Volume : 75cl

Naked Grouse

Changing the possibilities of whisky enjoyment, we’ve created a unique blend of the world’s finest single malts, extra-matured in ‘Naked’ first-fill sherry casks to create layers of rich and fruity flavour. The result is a great tasting versatile whisky to give you the freedom to enjoy it your way.

Tasting Notes

Convention says we need tasting notes.
There's certainly layers of rich and fruity flavour, however we'd rather let you decide... We think it’s delicious and simply made to be enjoyed.

Line illustration of a tree bearing fruit with a photo of a serve of Naked Grouse Whisky in a glass in front with ice

It's What's Inside that counts

1. The Chosen Ones

Naked Grouse Blended Malt is made from a selection of the world’s finest single malts. The ‘chosen ones’ are meticulously blended and then poured into our ‘Naked’ casks.

Line drawing of three casks in a row with words 'MALT' displayed on the front with a speech bubble reading "Pick Me!"
Line drawing of a whisky barrel with the word "Sherry" on the front and expressive lines radiating from the middle

2. The Naked Casks

We nose, sample and basically interrogate thousands of hopeful casks to find the ones with the strength of character for our whisky. These casks have never held whisky before, Naked casks we call them.

3. Extra-maturation

The blended malts are extra-matured in the Naked sherry-seasoned casks for a minimum of six months; enough time for the Oloroso sherry seasoning to add a layer of rich and fruity flavour that makes Naked stand out from the crowd.

Illustration of three whisky barrels pouring liquid contents into a larger barrel labelled 'Sherry'
A photo of a naked Grouse bottle shot from the front at eye-level, with illustration of two serves peaking out from the back in simple line drawing

4. Enjoy it your way

With such a unique and versatile flavour, you don’t have to be restricted by the usual whisky ‘dos and don’ts’. So go on, dare to be different… enjoy Naked YOUR way!